Xynisteri & ”Barrel”

Xynisteri & ''Barrel'' Tasting bottles in ice

A night with good wine and friends is a night to remember…

Last Friday, July 30th 2021, was one of those with the support of ”Ομάδα Οινοφίλων ΟίνοΑρτ” we tasted Xynisteri variety in different expressions either aged in different size barrels or different aging time, even different aging barrel ”wood”.

Xynisteri we tasted:

  • ЯKAES 758 Single Vineyard 2020 – Nelion Winery
    • Aged in new 500L Acacia barrels for 4 months
  • Project X 2019 – Kamanterena Winery
    • Aged in new 500L Oak barrels for 9 months
  • Ple-gma white 2019 – Olympus Winery
    • Aged in old Commandaria VATs for 6 months
  • Xynisteri Oak Aged 2019 – Nelion Winery
    • Aged in new 300L Oak barrels for 12 months
  • …and some surprises from older vintages of aged Xynisteri