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Vinturi Reserve Aerator Carafe Set


The Reserve Red Wine aerator features patented technology and an ultra-premium look. When aerating your wine, listen for the unique sound to all Vinturi aerators. The Vinturi Reserve Red Wine aerator is made of molded clear acrylic and comes complete with a matching premium no-drip stand for properly displaying the aerator and keeping wine off surfaces when not in use. A must have for entertaining, the Vinturi Reserve Red Wine aerator is perfect paired with the included German-made glass carafe for quickly aerating an entire bottle of wine, or on its own to aerate one glass at a time.

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To quickly aerate a full 750ml bottle of wine, simply place the transitional collar on top of the glass carafe and then place the Vinturi Reserve Red Wine aerator on top. Slowly pour your wine into the Reserve aerator, and watch it flow through and down into the carafe. When wine is poured into the Vinturi Reserve aerator, its internal, patented design creates an increase in the wine’s velocity while simultaneously decreasing its pressure. This difference in pressure draws in the proper amount of air, which mixes with the wine for the right amount of time, and delivers a better bouquet, enhanced flavors, and a smoother finish – the absolute perfect aeration. It’s that easy. To quickly aerate a single glass of red wine, simply place a glass under the Vinturi Reserve aerator and pour wine through.


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